Thursday, February 25

Morocco's - Downtown San Jose - Closed

We spent quite some time debating whether it was in Africa or somewhere in the Middle East. Your welcome for that fun fact of the day.
My good friend yelp told me there was a wine tasting deal at Morocco's Restaurant in downtown San Jose. $15 for a flight of 5 wines and a free appetizer. TP, OS, and I decided to go after work. The decor was very impressive, like an Arabian palace?

The five wines we tasted with very generous pours by the waitress. Left to right: Sauvignon Blanc from CA, Chardonnay from [I don't remember], Sparkling Rose from France?, Pinot Noir from [I should've written this down], something from Uraguay that was very full bodied but really good.

These briwatts were the free appetizer. Well not exactly THESE briwatts. Once again I forgot to bring my camera and had to use a camera phone, which in the dim lighting resulted in shitty pictures that are not suitable for your viewing. Only the best for you guys! So I stole these from yelp and I think this person got bigger briwatts than I did, and they got four whereas we got one per person. Anyway, they were good.

The highly recommended Shrimp Pil Pil. yummm. It's like a sour and spicy covered prawn.

Carrot salad in orange juice. Sure there's more to it than that. TP really liked this one, it was refreshing. Me, not so much, because the cinnamon was too powerful.

Lamb and vegetable tagine. This was a lamb and veggie stew served with a side of rice. Usually I can't get over the gamey-ness of lamb, but the flavorful spices masked that very well and the lamb just fell off the bone. yumm.

Imperial cous cous. Cous cous is such a funny word. I actually enjoyed this one better than the lamb tagine even though I picked the lamb. The chicken and veggies balanced well with the cous cous.

Morroco's is very expensive. On par with your standard Santana Row restaurants except it's downtown. But the experience is worth it. The tastes of these Moroccan dishes are unlike any that I've had before in the Asian or American cuisine that I'm used to. This was quite a treat. The wines were great. The service was excellent because our waitress poured alot. The $15 wine tasting was definitely worth it. Two thumbs up!


  1. Yay! I was involved in this one! I really liked the restaurant, too. So, 4 thumbs up??? =P

  2. man, I miss that wine tasting. Those were some good wines. And that was a good buzz.



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