Monday, February 22

The Happy Bamboo - San Jose

Ah vegetarian food, one of my favorite cuisines. When most people think vegetarian, they think of regular food, minus the meat. Like steak and potatoes without the steak. Like a chicken salad without the chicken. But Vietnamese vegetarian food is the best vegetarian food ever! I don't know how they do it, but they manage to make non-meat items taste like meat. Let me take you on a little sampling of Happy Bamboo's food.

Here's a section of the menu. They offer Asian food, American burgers, and Mexican burritos, all vegetarian of course. They also have vegan options for all you die-hard vegans.

 Veggie Fish and rice. Comes out sizzling in a clay pot. I think the common misconception is that vegetarian food sacrifices taste for lack of meat. WRONG! Veggie fish tastes like fish minus the threat of mercury poisoning. Zing, that's right, I went there. This dish was awesome.

Veggie curry fried rice. The fake meat parts in this were the bits of ham. It tasted just like ham, almost better because it wasn't drenched in oil. I'm not a huge fan of curry but my friend loved this dish.

I've had vegetarian food before so I wasn't too surprised by the fact that meatless items tasted like meat. But this has got to be one of the better vegetarian restaurants I've had. The prices were fair also. About $7.25 for my fish. Next time I go back, I will try the vegan desserts, which means no dairy in the ice cream. How do they do it?!? I do have to note that vegetarian food seems to digest a little faster. I felt hungry very quickly. But maybe that's just the carnivore in me talking. Anyway, I walked away from here a happy little bamboo. =D

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  1. Yumsss! I think I'll try the curry fried rice next time I go. It looks really delicious. I like this post. It's very entertaining. =P



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