Thursday, February 18

My First Basketball Game - Warriors vs. Clippers 2010

I'm glad the home team won for my first basketball spectator experience. It's almost as if they knew they had to win it for me. It's like they just knew...

Oracle Arena. Preferred parking. yay! I don't think I've ever seen him this happy to go somewhere with me. He's just so excited he's about to see men in sleeveless shirts play with balls.

Whoa...Rihanna called, she wants her forehead back.

Over $40 dinner. Tri-tip sandwich, cheese steak sandwich, Widmer Hef, over-priced and under-alcoholed strawberry margarita, "not enough garlic" fries. But overall it was pretty good. Stadium food is more for the experience, I'd say.

 Stephen Curry

Stephen Curry
Some highlights of the experience:

By the way, Warriors defeated the Clippers, 132-102. Hope I didn't spoil this for anyone who is a week behind on their sports. I think basketball is a sport I could definitely watch live again. And with that said, I leave you with these two words, Stephen Curry. 
Ribs and Things on Yelp (where I got my delicious tri-tip sandwich)

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