Monday, February 15

Mission City Coffee - Santa Clara

I went to Mission City Coffee the other week for some good old fashion networking. You know, the face to face kind, not the FACEtoBOOK kind. I was not planning on blogging about this place as I felt it was rude to be snapping pictures while I was there for non-social reasons. But I felt Mission City Coffee had a cool vibe and the readers might enjoy a post.

Excuse the blurriness since I snapped this picture with haste because that guy with the guitar was starting to notice. I bet Mission becomes a local hangout for the nearby Santa Clara University students who no doubt enjoy amateur live music performed on that stage.

Part of the menu and barista's counter

A wall of people I don't know and have never heard of but should feel proud of for reppin my hood.

I don't drink coffee because it tastes like I got hot cider, comes with extra slimey chunks at the bottom. Yum!

I can't comment much on the coffee or the food because I didn't have any, nor would I want to from the looks of my buddy's chicken salad sandwich. Mission City Coffee is probably one of those places for college students, or amateur musicians, or a group of people trying to network at a quiet place. Not my kind of place but I figure there's a niche of people out there who would want to know of its existence. And I am gladly at your service.

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