Thursday, March 10

Maui 2016 - Lunch at Mama's Fish House and AirBnB in Haiku-Pauwela

Day 4 in Maui is somewhat chill. We switched to another AirBnB in Haiku-Pauwela. If we were stuck doing local things because we had a baby, we figured moving apartments would help us explore a new neighborhood. Before moving, we had lunch at a very popular restaurant called Mama's Fish House.

For a video version of this post which does not include any information on the food here, you can watch this Youtube vlog.

Mama's Fish House has valet parking and their own small beach out front which is open to the public. The interior is beautifully decorated in a tiki-style and there are many framed photos of celebrities who have dined here. Since their suppliers are local fishermen, the restaurant menu changes every day according to what the fishermen haul.

Left: ($10) non-alcoholic blended guava colada
right: ($16) Plantation Punch with pineapple, lime, and orange juices with island rum

Complimentary fresh baked mini loaf of poppy seed honey bread and bisque to start the meal.

($30) Grilled He'e (octopus) - on a bed of radishes, some citrus and olive oil on top, with Hawaiian avocado sides. I thought the octopus was really good and tender with just the right amount of char. The portion size is just small.

($36) Kauai Prawns - with lemon, white wine, and caper sauce. The prawns were really sweet with springy tender flesh and prepared simply so as to showcase its natural flavors. However, I was still really hungry afterwards.

($49) Ono, Mahimahi, and Ahi fishes in Penang curry - this was the most filling portion we go albeit the most expensive dish too. All the fishes were very good and I liked the cubes of taro in the soup. There is a scoop of rice in there and some condiments on the side to go with it.

Mama's Fish House is worth the visit if you want to know what the hype is about but I wouldn't suggest a second visit. It's too expensive and with very small portions to really justify multiple visits.

Do spend time enjoying the secluded beach in front of the restaurant before or after your meal.

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