Saturday, March 12

Maui 2016 - Iao Valley State Park, Baby Beach, and Ululani's Shave Ice

On this day, we hiked, or what can only be considered a short leisure walk, in Iao Valley State Park to see The Needle at the top.

For a video version of this post, watch this Youtube vlog.

There it is. A little underwhelming but it was still a nice time outside with the little bear. It only cost $5 to park the car and took 30-40 mins drive from our apartment. At least we got these nice photos out of it.

Then it was off for lunch at Poi by the Pound, traditional Hawaiian food for catering or dine in.

Half and half spicy ahi poke and shoyu ahi poke salad. It was pretty good but not the best I've had. Also it was not very filling. 

 These are traditional sides that go with most Hawaiian meals. On top is poi which is pounded taro root. I was not a fan of it. There was no flavor and it felt slimey and mealy. The chicken noodle soup at the bottom is quite good. 

Here is a traditional Hawaiian plate. Laulau is pork wrapped in steamed taro leaves. On the right is barbeque pig which is usually cooked underground. On the left is macaroni salad. 

Overall, we though Poi by the Pound was just alright.

Ululani Shave Ice
After going to Baby Beach in Lahaina, we stopped by a very popular shave ice spot, Ululani's. 

This is a small with three flavors (red velvet, wedding cake, and lemonade). There is a snow cap which is condensed milk poured on top.

I got the micro size with a scoop of macadamia nut ice cream underneath. My flavors were mango, lychee, and guava. I also got the snow cap on top with fresh pieces of mochi.

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