Saturday, March 12

Maui 2016 - Maui Swap Meet, Kihei Caffe, Baldwin Beach

Not much to write about for this day in Maui. We had macadamia nut and banana pancakes and it was glorious. Followed by more beach time!

For a video version of this post, watch this Youtube vlog.

We started the day at the Maui Swap Meet which is like a big farmer's market. I didn't take many pictures but the vlog has more scenes. Here are the fruits I bought: cherimoya, longan, and rambutan.

Then it was over to Kihei Caffe for macadamia nut and banana pancakes drizzled with a palm sugar(?) or coconutty tasting syrup which I loved. These were very satisfying.

Phil also got a healthy green smoothie. It was very refreshing.

Then we tried Baldwin Beach near our house. The waves are stronger here but there's a small part of it blocked off by rocks that makes a little baby section. This beach was close to our AirBnB and has waves for everyone.

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