Monday, March 14

Maui 2016 - Egg Fruit, Mama's Fish House Beach, Old Lahaina Luau

Another chill day in Maui. We took our sweet time leaving the apartment on this day because we were going to a luau at night that would end at 8:30PM and was an hour drive away. Not late for some but definitely late in baby time. I had every intention of letting Little Bear take his day time naps but he decided naps are for losers so off we went to lunch instead.

We ate at Down to Earth which is a grocery store with a hot food bar like Whole Foods. I couldn't resist buying this egg fruit because when else would I come across strange fruit? It was no good. Tastes like a dry, mealy, avocado. OR as it is described on Google searches, tastes like a boiled egg yolk, hence the name egg fruit.

For a video of me eating this egg fruit, watch this Youtube vlog.

Phil's veggie burrito

Veggie hot dogs. I really like veggie hot dogs. Same flavor without any of the miscellaneous animal bits. You know it isn't always choice cuts in hot dogs.

Huge white chocolate and macadamia nut cookie. I have no regrets at all. This was worth all the calories.

The cookie was balanced by a modest selection of salads.

After lunch we took a quick dip in the ocean at the beach then it was off to the Old Lahaina Luau. Cost $110 per person. 

The activities before the luau were fun. I took a quick hula dancing lesson, learned about traditional instruments, and just explored the beautiful property.

Drinks are included in the expensive ticket so fill up and often on tropical drinks.

The buffet of traditional Hawaiian food was just ok. It's buffet so I had low standards. Everything was over salted. I did like the ahi poke and fruits. It felt a bit rushed and they consolidated what was left of the food to one buffet line after everyone had a first helping. I thought we would have time to relax with our food but the hula show started and it felt rude to be up and about at the buffet.

Our family had a good time anyway. It was my first luau and I thought it was fine. I won't need a second trip though. It's just an overpriced buffet after all. Little Bear took no naps that day except snippets in the car and he didn't get put to bed until 1.5hrs past bedtime so someone was a major fussy bear. Fussy bear, fussy bear, why are you so fussy? (sing that in to the Smelly Cat tune)

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