Monday, March 14

Hidden Garden Foods Gluten Free Cookies + Giveaway

It takes no effort to convince me to eat my veggies. I love them. However, my husband is a different story. But his motto with foods he doesn't like is that if he can't taste it, he won't hate it. Our household has been taste testing bags of cookies from Hidden Garden Foods this past week. Oh such hard work! Woe is me...Really though, someone ships me free cookies that are absolutely addicting. Life can't get any better.

The found of Hidden Garden Foods makes cookies with vegetables "hidden" in them to get her children to eat more veggies. Alas, such a thing as chocolate chip and pumpkin was born. The other flavors we tasted were Red Velvet made with beets, Cocoa Cherry made with spinach, and Ginger Snap made with butternut squash. They're also gluten free which is great news for GF kiddos out there! I found the packaging to be very attractive and enticing with its colorful letters. 

There are currently 4 flavors and they retail for $4.99 a bag. They are sold in Bristol Farms, Berkeley Farms, and will be available in Sprouts in April.

Here's what they look like. The photos are in order of my favorite to least favorite flavors.

Tastes just like choc chip - only a hint of pumpkin. 

I couldn't taste the beets at all in this one. 

Only a hint of spinach. 

Stronger ginger flavor than butternut squash.

Hidden Garden Foods is sponsoring a giveaway of 2 bags of each flavor, that's a total of 8 bags of cookies (retail value $40). Enter in the Rafflecopter widget below. RESTRICTED TO US RESIDENTS ONLY.

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