Tuesday, March 8

Maui 2016 - Baby Goes to the Beach and Ali'i Lavender Farm Tour

Day 2 in Maui, Colin takes his daily dip in the ocean and this time it's too cold.
We take sun protection seriously here. 
Sunglasses from Target (the girl's section because it was the last pair left ;)
Mickey Mouse aqua socks from Target
(not pictured) Water diapers, the cheapest set I could find on Amazon and they work great

If you want to watch a video version of this post, see this YouTube vlog

Colin seems to find the water relaxing because he fell asleep right after we took him out and wrapped him in a towel.

Now off to a tour at Ali'i Lavender Farm

Hydroponically grown lettuce

Large avocado tree that was purposely shaped like a bonsai by trimming the growth on top and weighing down the branches

One of Hawaii's famous flowers, the protea

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