Thursday, March 3

Maui 2016 - O'o Farms Tour and Maui Winery

Our first activity in Maui was a farm tour at O'o Farms, the dedicated farm for the popular restaurant Pacific'O.
The farm is set in the picturesque mountainside. They practice sustainable and organic farming methods including maintaining a balance of flora that attracts predatory bugs to feed on insects that could harm the crop. They also spray with something called organicide which is made of a blend of oils rather than from chemicals.

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As we toured, we picked ingredients for our salad for the lunch. We were also allowed to sample as we picked and Phil and I snacked heavily on these super sweet and juicy sugar snap peas.

The coffee program at O'o is fairly new but going strong with rows of coffee trees on the farm and a new roasting room. The roasting room is made from a eucalyptus tree on the farm. 

Our lunch was cooked in this wood fired oven made from wood that was found on the farm. Nothing used in the food or building is found more than 100 miles radius of the farm.

The tour concluded with lunch under this shaded area.

Roasted veggies with a specially seasoned tofu.

Chicken breast that was so tender and juicy.

Catch of the day, Ono fish on a bed of daikon radishes and dill.

Here's the garden salad we picked. There was a lot left over so I periodically snacked on more beans.

For $58 per person, we got a 2 hour hands-on tour and sampling to our heart's content. Then a huge delicious buffet lunch with chocolates and coffee grown, harvest, and roasted on premise. Everything is organic, local, and sustainable. I think it's absolutely worth it. I would highly recommend a tour at O'o Farm.

A quick stop at Maui Winery to try their pineapple wines

Lokelani Rose on the left and the Maui Blanc on the right
We thought the wines were good but not spectacular enough to buy a bottle and definitely not to pay for shipping back home. I really appreciated that the tasting was free and did not require a reservation.

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