Sunday, March 20

Boudin SF Launches 4 New Salads for Spring - Cupertino

Boudin Bakery is launching three new salads this week for the Spring season and they invited local bloggers to sample the new items. Kendall Jackson also provided tastings of their Chardonnay and Pinot Grigio.

As usual, Boudin goes all out for the bloggers with a private dining area decorated in St. Patrick's Day decor.

The mango and red quinoa salad was my favorite. Fresh mango pieces with chiffonade cut romaine lettuce and tender baby arugula. Other elements incuded red quinoa, halved grapes, thinly sliced onions and almond slivers in a vinaigrette dressing. This salad was fresh and light, perfect for Spring.

The Bacon, Blue, and Beets salad with chicken was hardy and filling. While all the salads come in full entree portions, I could really see this salad keeping me full until the next meal.

Forbidden rice, chicken, and sesame salad was a perfect balance of fresh and filling. The chicken slices were bigger in this one and forbidden rice is usually a filling grain. I also really enjoyed the pickled red onions.
In the background, my tasty Chardonnay and Pinot Grigio

Their very popular salad with lemony couscous and olives remains a crowd favorite on the menu.

Here are the four salads in their full portion sizes. Every salad is made to order and can have chicken added or items removed as requested. They are all under 550 calories and about $10 each. The salads are launching this week so make sure to check out your nearest Boudin SF location.

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