Saturday, March 19

Maui 2016 - Road to Hana, Famous Banana Bread, Black Sand Beach, Ae's Thai Kitchen

Our final full day in Maui was spent doing an impromptu drive on the Road to Hana. We originally didn't plan on going here because the windy road did not seem baby-friendly. Our Haiku AirBnB was actually on the Hana Highway so we decided to just drive along and see the first few stops then turn around. As the drive went on and things were going good, we decided to just go the whole 30+ miles to Hana.

I have more videos than photos of this day so you can watch this YouTube vlog for more.

In the video, you'll see us trying the famous banana bread at Halfway to Hana, a popular stop.

I couldn't resist trying this special passion fruit, different than the lilikoi sold all over the island. It was $75. Tasted sour, tropical, floral, juicy. Very nice.

After Black Sand Beach, we tried Ae's Thai Kitchen, a food truck in Hana near the beach. I highly recommend it. The portions are huge and delicious.

After dinner we drove across the street to get some hand made tropical fruit popsicles from a local vendor. (Left) Passion fruit, orange, guava (Right) Strawberry, banana

The next morning, we just packed up and flew out. It was a great first out of state vacation with our family. Looking forward to many more.

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