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Tava Kitchen Launches New Menu + Giveaway - Palo Alto

Mango Lassi and Cardamon Iced Chai drinks
Tava Kitchen in Palo Alto is rebranding and changing up their menu. Formerly Tava Indian Kitchen, the new name and menu aims to reflect a less Indian-centric cuisune with the introduction of some Southeast Asian influenced items. We were invited to a tasting event and I'm excited to share with you their revamped items. Stay until the end for details on a giveaway!

Garlic Naan is a must have with Indian food. ($2 extra when added to the meal)

One of the changes implemented for the new menu is the steamer trays have been replaced with Le Creuset Balti Dish (*Affiliate link). They are a very colorful and home-style way to serve food. 

Plenty of sides available to go with the entrees

Here's how the menu works:
Choose an entree with rice or in a wrap (different prices for each). Add one side. Or add 2 sides for a higher price.
The first meal we tasted consisted of Chicken Tikka, Crunchy Kale & Quinoa, Chilled Brussel Sprouts & Grapes

Soft B Sprouts with crunchy carrots and sweet grapes in a mint chutney. Very well balanced.

Crunchy Kale with red quinoa in a turmeric dressing was a flavor and texture bomb.

Left: South Asian Mac and Cheese was just a regular mac and cheese with an Asian influence seasoned bread crumb. Can't go wrong with mac and cheese though.
Middle: Braised Beef which was tender served on brown rice
Right: Glazed Sweet Potatoes with a sprinkle of Himalayan Pink Salt

Left: Roasted Heirloom Carrot with cumin and coriander. Is there anything better than an heirloom produce? This is the perfect preparation for a roasted carrot. I highly recommend getting this as a side, plus it's very filling.
Middle: Pineapple Glazed Salmon over brown rice
Right: Asian Noodle Slaw with bean thread, edamame, bell peppers. I was actually a big fan of this. The bean thread was thicker than usual and the ginger dressing was mellow but tasty.

Left: Candied Beet Salad with yellow beets and yogurt dressing with spices. I love yellow beets!
Middle: Lamb Meatballs in a curry-ish sauce on rice. This was good.
Right: Baked New Potatoes. Other than the nice and soft purple one, I thought the potatoes were pretty bland. Maybe halved and roasted would make it crispier? Maybe a sprinkle of salt and pepper would do it?

This is what all the dishes look like when plated. If you ordered from them, your food would come out like this. 

You can also choose your items in a wrap.

Grab a healthy kids meal for the kiddos like the mac and cheese or the quesadilla. Comes with grapes and organic milk.

You must get anything with the candied pistachios. They're made in house and it's fantastic. Tava Kitchen should really package this up and sell it as an add on along with their Tava spice.

The kind folks at Tava Kitchen are so excited to share this new menu with you, they sponsored the giveaway below. Please follow their Instagram account @TavaKitchen and fill in this widget. There will be 3 winners. The coupons are only valid at the Palo Alto location.
Two winners will each receive a pair of $10 coupons
One winner will receive a pair of Free Entree coupons


  1. Indian cuisine is probably my most favorite! This restaurant seems to have a big fusion twist from traditional foods, :)

    I would probably order the most classic - chicken tikka!

  2. Garlic naan because it literally goes with everything!!



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