Thursday, February 18

Warriors vs. Blazers and a Trip to the Nike Employee Store - Portland, Oregon

Last month, my husband Phil flew to Portland with his friends for a weekend trip. I asked him to take some photos and do a few guest posts for me. Here's the first.


With a family hookup at the Nike store in Portland, I was able to visit the Nike Employee Store and everything I got was 50% off along with no sales tax.  Here are a few pair of shoes that I got for Ngoc and myself.  Not pictured are the clothes that I bought for us as well as Colin's few pair of shoes.

The total damage after purchasing everything was a bit over 1k.  It was not easy to come back with all the shoes and boxes.  I had to break down the boxes and put the shoes in individual bags.

The whole point of the trip was to travel to another city with friends and watch a Golden State Warriors game in someone else's house.  It's an awesome feeling to rep your team, especially when they're the champs.

My friends and I got into Portland early and randomly walking downtown, we noticed a crowd.  It turns out that the Golden State Warriors were staying at a nearby Hotel.  A few of us stood there for about 20-30 minutes to catch a glimpse of the Warrior players slowly exiting the Hotel.  Here's a photo of Andre Iguodala.  As far as I know, he was the only player to sign any autographs and he only signed two.

Here is a picture of the guys walking towards the Moda Center.

Here is picture from our seats, which was at the very top.  Can't complain about $35 tickets.  I was lucky enough to buy the tickets before they doubled in price.  There were a lot of Warrior fans in the crowd and in fact, a lot of people I met on the trip flew in from the Bay Area just to watch the Warriors like us.  It's hard to see, but there was a lot of blue and gold in the crowd.  I would say at least 30% of the crowd was Warrior fans.  Warriors won and everyone won free Jamba Juice,

What a good night.....

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