Thursday, February 18

Shut Up and Eat Sandwich Shop - Portland, Oregon

Phil's second guest post from his trip to Portland, OR with his friends. 

After hitting up the Nike shop, I was ready to eat.  Problem was that all the very popular brunch places in Portland had at least a hour wait.  When people are hungry, they ain't gonna wait.

I found this place called "Shut up and Eat Sandwich Shop" on Yelp while doing research of Portland and found a lot of good reviews.  I also liked the name of the restaurant.  The group ended up going to this sandwich shop.

I ordered the Broad St Bomber, which is half pound of thin sliced eye round, chipped with fried onions, cheddar, provoline and hot pepper($10.75).  For the sake of trying as much as I can, I also ordered a hash-brown patty($2) and shoe string fries($2).

The sandwich was good.  I have to admit, I do not have the highest standards for sandwiches, but this did its job to fill me up.  The best part of this sandwich was the bread, which is nothing against the fillings, but the bread was real good.  The meat was juicy and had a good flavor with it.  I chose the hot pepper for a kick, but I did not get the spice level I was hoping for.

The hash brown was made with shredded potatos and zucchini.  It was real good and toasted perfect.

The french fries were some of the best french fries I've had in a long time. Perfectly cooked and they season with some type of coating that gave it so much more flavor.  I loved it so much, I ended up buying three more sides of french fries so everyone at the table could try it.

Overall, I left the restaurant with a happy stomach. There's so many great restaurants in Portland, its hard to choose which ones to go to with limited time.  If you have the time, I would recommend checking out this spot. I would go here again.

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