Thursday, January 14

Classic Guilin Rice Noodles - San Jose

Like most Asians, I love a good noodle dish, be it soupy, stir fried, or deep fried. A name like Classic Guilin Rice Noodles really piques my interest. As I would learn from the menu, Guilin is a part of China and this is their traditional dish.

The restaurant is in a newer looking Asian plaza on De Anza Blvd. next to Go Fish Poke and 85*C Bakery. Many spaces in the plaza seem unoccupied yet. In Guilin Noodles, the dining area is spacious and the tables are a traditional wooden design. It looks a bit more elegant than it needs to be for the food they serve.

The menu explains 4 steps to eating classic Guilin rice noodles.
1. Smell
2. Mix in hot peppers
3. Eat
4. Pour the soup in and drink it

($1.50) This side dish of lily flowers was really enjoyable. It was not sour or spicy though it may ave been pickled or rehydrated and seasoned with oil. I liked the mellow flavor and subtle crunch. I'm not sure if it was meant to be added to the noodles so I just snacked on them on the side.

Chili flakes with chili oil on the left and a pepper mixture on the right

($8.97) Regular sized beef brisket with crispy pork Classic Series noodle bowl
The crispy pork pieces were tasty. The beef brisky was just ok. Both meats were sliced thinly and laid on top of cold rice noodles with other garnishes like scallions, fried onions, and peanuts. Each bowl has half of a boiled egg. 

After adding the pepper mixture like so, I mixed up everything in the bowl. It's much like a Vietnamese vermicelli bowl except with larger noodles and less greens. Maybe we were supposed to order pickled veggies but we didn't. The pepper definitely has a kick to it but it helps add more flavor to the noodle. The soup on the side which we were supposed to pour into the noodle once towards the end was not good. On it's own it tastes like old toilet water. I know that sounds really mean but it's really not so tasty. Maybe with the spices and seasonings of the noodle it will balance well with the soup. 

($8.97) BBQ pork and crispy pork Classic Series noodle
My friend got different meats but the concept is the same.

Not sure what drink my friend got but I think it's tea with basil seeds. Most drinks are $2.99

The verdict is still out on this place. I think I need to go here with someone knowledgeable to show me what to order and how to eat it. Maybe the soupy noodles are better. Maybe we were supposed to order side veggies to mix in. The lily flower side dish was really nice. Service was fine and the dining room has more than enough space to move around. I would go back again one day. It's not over for Classic Guilin Rice Noodles yet.

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