Tuesday, November 10

Whole Foods Market Tap Room Grand Opening - Blossom Hill - San Jose

Whole Foods Market on Blossom Hill recently opened Tap Room, their beer and dining area. The location was formerly Sunflower Farmers Market which was a chain owned by Sprouts. In 2012, I wrote about their opening on my blog. Now it's a Whole Foods which is a great because I'm a Whole Foods fan.

The Tap Room grand opening event was free for all, no reservations required. The dining area is quite spacious as seen in the photo above. The bar is a little small but they offer a good variety of seasonal beers. Here's a sample of the selection at Tap Room. I recommend you stop by and try them.

Sucaba by Firestone Walker was the most interesting beer I tasted that night from my friend Alvin. According to Alvin, it's tough to find Sucaba around here. It tastes like coffee and spices and beer. A multi-note beer.

Citra Sour by Almanac (left)
This beer was more sour than expected even though sour is in its name.
Born Yesterday by Lagunitas (right)
This one was just ok in Phil and my opinions. Slightly more bitter than a Stella but still fairly mellow.

There was also plenty of food served at the grand opening.

We got in line for sushi rolls, gyoza, and edamame which are all available regularly at Whole Foods.

An endless amount of delicious and filling pulled pork sliders

Buffalo chicken wings

Charcuterie, cheeses, bread, and fresh radishes

A second helping of the same. I ate plenty of fresh radishes and cured meats because I love em.

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