Sunday, November 8

Poshmark's Poshfest Posh Party - San Francisco Design Center

Just a little post about last night's Poshfest. Poshmark is a platform (like Etsy) for buying and selling fashion to a community of users. I could sell my gently used skinny jeans which no longer fit my new mom body, for example. Plenty of people who use it sell designer items which had cost them a pretty penny and they want to recoup some of that back while providing a lower cost option for someone else. There are people who make a living off selling apparel on Poshmark.

Postmark also hosts a Postfest whcih is much like the Blogher conferences. There are speakers and events throughout the weekend. Olivia invited me to the Posh Party on Saturday night at the San Francisco Design Center. Here are a few of the pictures from the awesome night which featured cupcakes with designer logos, two photobooths, a live DJ, and healthy snacks to nosh on.

The San Francisco Design Center is a great venue. The drive in and out was easy. Parking around the area was free and plenty.  

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