Thursday, November 19

Caviar - Food Delivery Service - Silicon Valley

Everything I know and love about my favorite South Bay burger spot, Konjoe Burger, was just delivered right to my doorstep thanks to Caviar. Caviar is a service that allows you to order from your favorite local restaurants, pay through their platform, and receive deliveries right to your door. Through the app, you can track your delivery person and see literally just how close you are to getting your food. 

Caviar works directly with merchants which allows both businesses to run special promotions. The promotions are often advertised on their Instagram profile. The team has also gone above and beyond in hiring their own photographer to capture delectable images of their merchants food. Everything you see on the site is from Caviar's photographer. They are also the exclusive delivery service for Falafels Drive-In, Lillie Mae's, Tea Lyfe, and more. 

I was offered a free lunch or dinner delivered by Caviar in order to test their services. Let's see what happened!

After spending about 0 minutes immediately deciding on my favorite Konjoe Burger, my order was scheduled for a Tuesday night delivery at 7PM. Tuesday night, a bit before 7PM, Jeff arrived at my door with an insulated orange Caviar bag. PUNCTUAL! YAY. 

Delivery fees range from FREE to $6.99 depending on the distance. 

The burger arrived packaged in eco friendly take out containers, all wrapped in a biodegradable plastic bag. Yay again!

Everything was warm and fresh. On the left is the pork belly bao (3 for $11). On the right is the Shiitake Jack Burger ($11) and in the middle is Konjoe sauce.

Overall, I enjoyed my experience with Caviar. The premise is quite simple and all users really need from a food delivery service is more restaurant options, ease of use in app, and punctual delivery. Caviar delivered on all these! I also find that compared to Door Dash and Postmates, I liked their restaurant selection best.

Links to Caviar's social media accounts
Use code SBLOVE2 for $2.00 off your order.


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