Friday, November 20

Green Festival 2015 - San Francisco

This past weekend, through a posting Krautsource made on Instagram, I snagged myself tickets to the 2015 Green Festival at Cow Palace. The Green Festival is an expo for natural, organic, eco-friendly products. The name pretty much sums it up. Here's a video with some snaps of the event.

Volkswagen was a sponsor for the event and they gave free test drives of the e-Golf car. Yes, I'm familiar with the VW emissions testing scandal. Maybe it's the reason they sponsored this Green Festival. I'm not one to judge or pass up a chance to test drive a car without dealing with pushy sales people. So I test drove this e-Golf. It's a pretty smooth ride. There's a brake mode that allows the car to slow down and brake when you take your foot off the acceleration. I think it's for crowded street driving. I did not enjoy driving in this mode. Luckily it's only optional so if you leave the car in regular mode, it drives just fine.

 Kraut Source sells the metal mason jar tops pictured here. It allows for easy and clean fermentation. Basically you're making pickles without vinegar. Just a salt water brine, veggies, and the Kraut Source top which keeps oxygen from coming in but allows carbon dioxide to go out. Their product is currently only sold at expos like this or through their website.

Integral Yoga Institute and Pacific Domes
I took a quick relaxation yoga class in this dome. It was the first time I had the sound bowl played on my belly which was quite cool.

On a whim, I tried this sparkling coconut water from Viva H20 Coconut Water. It's definitely a different take on coconut water. I prefer the regular coconut water because it tastes more natural.

Grub Market is a grocery delivery service that provides produce and specialty food items to your door. Aside from these beauties here, they also deliver things like raw milk and pasture raised meats.

Salad Cosmo was an exciting vendor for me because I love sprouts. I even grow them at home. I noshed on plenty of samples of nano kohlrabi, onions, radish, amaranth, etc. So good! 

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