Wednesday, June 4

New Products Available at Whole Foods

Whole Foods has new products in store and gave me a sample of them to try. I picked up a container of sweet seasonal strawberries, three of their fresh squeezed juices, three bags of sprouting seeds, and a sprouting jar lid to sprout the seeds.

Fresh, juicy, strawberries for the summer. You can't go wrong.

Each of these bottles retails for about $6 a bottle which is quite pricey. They are pressed and bottled in house at Whole Foods. In order of preference, I liked the Kale Yeah, Eye Opener, and Triple Threat last. I'm not a fan of beets in the Triple Threat. 

I was and still am most excited about these High Mowing sprouting seeds. Whole Foods also gave me a sprouting cap which fits on top of mason jars.

Here's the cap on a mason jar with 2 teaspoons of seeds and some water. The directions are printed on the package so if you buy these, you will figure out how to grow your own sprouts. It's easy. Basically you soak the seeds for 8-12 hours,then repeat a cycle of rinsing and draining them for 3 days. Then put them by a window sill for a day. A teaspoon goes a long way and I found that I needed a bigger jar. I ended up giving the packets to my dad to sprout in his actual sprouting kit which is larger.

Here's a sample of a few individual sprouts. The large ones are broccoli and lentils. I can't distinguish them all and the kit has radish, alfalfa, mustard, leafy greens, etc. I love them all!

Here's one third of my dad's harvest. I have sprouts for this week's sandwiches. Yes! For the next batch, he may sprout mung beans and then return to my High Mowing packets. I requested that he let them get greener to make micro greens.
 I enjoyed all the products Whole Foods gave me, especially the sprouts because they keep on giving. They're fun and easy to grow. Stop by Whole Foods today to pick up any of these new items.

P.S. Congratulations to the 4 winners of the Veggie Grill coupon giveaway!

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