Sunday, June 1

Veggie Grill - Mountain View + Giveaway

Veggie Grill has a new menu and a new location. I received a complimentary lunch from Veggie Grill to try these spring dishes at their Mountain View location recently. It was all about asparagus and strawberries!

($9.95) Strawberry arugula salad with walnuts and almond ricotta, pomegranate seeds, asparagus sections, and micro greens on top and a strawberry vinaigrette. They gave me spinach for some reason, but just imagine arugula in here. As you can tell from the ingredients, it is a very healthy, fresh, seasonal salad. 

I couldn't resist ordering a portion of their popular buffalo wings made from imitation chicken. It's vegetarian but you can't tell because the sauce is delicious. Phil and I love any of the menu items with the buffalo wings as we mentioned in our previous review of the Santana Row location.

($3.95) Strawberry parfait - another seasonal menu item with strawberries, cream, and mint. I thought it was interesting to have a parfait on the menu. I don't think the Santana Row location has this so it was quite a treat.

The other seasonal item is a side of grilled asparagus. The photo did not turn out well. Check out the spring menu here

And the new Mountain View location here:
565 San Antonio Road
Mountain View, CA 90404

I'm giving away 4 coupons for a free entree at Veggie Grill (any location). You can enter by filling out the form below. 4 winners will be drawn on Tuesday night and announced on Wednesday morning.

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