Monday, February 17

Hong Kong - Day 4

As our family schedule wound down, we had more time to finally explore the cha chan tang (HK style cafe) and street food. 

I had a cafe version of a club sandwich for breakfast. Spam, egg, bread, cheese, tomatoes on toasted white bread without the crust. Mostly tasteless.

Cheong fun (rice noodle roll) for breakfast. Also tasteless.

Cheong fun wrapped around youtiao (rice noodle wrapped around Chinese oily donut). Also tasteless unless you put the youtiao alone into a bowl of porridge.

Odd spaghetti shaped noodles with a side of pork.

We're always curious about McDonald's food in other countries. Could not resist buying these chicken wings from McD's. From left to right: BBQ, spicy garlic, and regular. It came with a packet of Thai chili sauce which was pretty good. My favorite was the BBQ flavor. It was tangy and spicy.

That Christmas carol lyric, "chestnuts roasting on an open fire" always makes me want to try roasted chestnuts but realistically, in this day and age, where can you find it? In Hong Kong at a street stall roasting over coals of course. It's quite good.

I had to have my milk tea with grass jelly in Asia. It's not spectacular but still good.

We stumbled upon this street side vendor selling cold noodles in bags. The noodles were $3HK and each additional topping was another $3. I had spinach noodles with bean sprouts, marinated octopus, and chili garlic sauce. The best part was customizing your order and watching the lady mix it with bamboo skewers in the bag. It's not bad but tastes just ok. Pretty generic and not memorable. This was purely for the experience of eating noodles from a bag with a stick on the sidewalk.

Doughy takoyaki

Overall the street food in HK was not so great. Nothing out of the ordinary. Nothing memorable. Except for this noodle joint in an alleyway we ducked into. I had won ton noodle soup for about $3.50 USD. Twas good.

Phil had beef noodle soup which was super good for also $3.50 USD. Neither of us got sick from any of the foods mentioned. A successful day exploring HK street food ending with great cheap bowls of noodle.

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