Wednesday, February 12

Hong Kong - Day 2 and 3

We took a half day tour on Day 2 in Hong Kong. It was lame-ish. Do not use Splendid Tours. In case you cared, here's what HK looks like right now.
This is from Victoria Peak. It is winter, it is foggy and cold.

Side planking on rocks by the ocean near Stanley Market

So which bin is for the cum?

We had a traditional HK style breakfast at Kam Wah Cafe which turns out to be pretty famous. The breakfast was a set meal of noodle with your choice of topping, ham, sausage, egg, and a tea. I had ramen noodles with spicy pickled cabbage and pork, my egg was sunnyside up, and the tea was yinyuen which is half milk tea and half coffee. The food was just ok. It reminds me of the hodge podge I cooked for myself when I was younger and my parents worked a lot so I basically cooked up kitchen sink meals for myself after school. I appreciate the experience of having a traditional HK style breakfast which was served quickly and easily and all under $5USD per meal.

Kam Wah is really known for this pineapple bun. This is the best bun in HK according to CNN.  It does not taste like pineapple, only named so because of the bumpy appearance of the top. The bun is nice and warm and fluffy with a thick slice of butter wedged in the middle. If you wait a bit, the butter will melt and each bite has sweet fluffy bread and warm rich butter. So good. Well worth the calories. Treat cho self to a pineapple bun at Kam Wah Cafe!

I had stinky tofu for the first time ever at the night market food stall. Stinky tofu is fermented tofu, can be fried or steamed or prepared in other ways. 

Here it is up close. I will let the next 3 pictures show you my first impression.

Oh gawd, it tastes like salty dead people.

On the contrary, I also had fried baby pigeon and it was so tender and juicy. The meat is almost buttery. Tastes nothing like how you'd imagine a dirty pigeon to taste.

Luxurious abalone

Beautiful birthday buns

A big purpose for this trip is for a relative's birthday so here we are in our finest - birthday tripping. 

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