Friday, February 7

Hong Kong - Day 1

It is 5AM of my first day in Hong Kong and I can't sleep, as expected. Despite almost falling asleep at 8PM at the dinner table last night, suddenly my body doesn't want to sleep. I'm attempting to do something I've never done before, blog on vacation, only because for once I brought my cable and laptop to upload photos. 

Ya dig my digs? 

Many places are still decorated for Lunar New Year, like this display at the mall.

I fit right in here with the cutesy Asian-ness. Phil asked me, "How does it feel to finally be in a country where you're average height?" That jerk!

Totally. Adorable. Bathroom signs. 

My first bite in Hong Kong was a piece of this fried fish skin at a cafe near our hotel. Crispy, crunchy, fatty. 

Everything I've eaten today was good but here are some noteworthy items. This Chinese lettuce (called Celtuce) is not available in the US, that I know of. It looks like romaine but has a more fibrous texture, darker leaves, and sweeter taste. I've eaten this dim sum dish in the US a few times replicated with romaine and it is not the same. Absolutely my favorite new green and I'm going to eat it as much as I can here.

Stir fried noodles with soy sauce. So simple, so good. 

Braised goose feet with Chinese lettuce. It's like chicken feet with webs and fewer joints.

This pig had the crispiest skin, ever. I mean ever. Like if you think the guy you usually go to for your lechon for Filipino family gatherings was so good because he made the skin super crispy, well this is 70% more crispy than that lechon. And the meat underneath was tender and flavorful. 

Til next time, my friends!

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