Tuesday, October 15

Providence - Taste Trekkers Conference Recap

Last month's Taste Trekkers Conference in Providence, RI was a great experience. It was the first time I had been to a conference as a staff and not just an attendee. It was also my first time photographing for 3 days. Here are a few photos of my trip. For conference photos, you can click the link at the end of the entry.

I flew in to Boston on Friday and found my way through the train station while the rest of Boston was getting home from work. A bus ride, a stalled train, and a train ride later, I was in Providence at The Dorrance for cocktail reception.

I basically caught the last 20 minutes of reception and nibbled on some remaining fruit skewers. The Dorrance is really known for their cocktails, if only I had one.

The attendees split up into different Mystery Meet dinners at restaurants around town. I was so lucky to have been with the group to go to DeWolf Tavern. The chef went above and beyond with this menu. I can't even remember all these items but they were all great.

Oysters topped with swordfish marrow. In the pipettes are cucumber extract and I forget the orange pipette. The cucumber one was better. Swordfish marrow is gelatinous and mildly oceany but not fishy. It's a very interesting experience.


Oxtail? with basmati rice

Swordfish with crispy chickpeas. I wonder if the fish misses it's marrow.

Lamb with Brussels sprouts. This was so good.

House made chocolate ice cream

House made blood orange sorbet

A different wine paired with each dish


Off to the Biltmore the next day for conference fun

Thomas Tew rum
I saw a whole lamb get butchered effortlessly

A ton of good stuff at the Tasting Pavilion

Tasted freshly cut pieces from this leg of prosciutto
Food truck brunch to close the weekend

And here are some non-food shots

Waterfire. I was so tired from photographing the whole day, I missed the lighting ceremony and the area of the river where the pyres line up in a circle. It was still a cool event though.


The lanterns spell out "RECOVERY" on the lawn

I have been really busy but fortunate this last year to travel to Brazil, Austin, Atlanta, and Providence for school and blog stuff. I notice this pattern of thinking I develop about these trips. When traveling alone there's too much time to think. Everything is very tiring and I constantly wonder why I dragged myself out to wherever to basically "work." Even if it's fun work compared to office work back at home, there is still doubt about whether each set of actions, each trip, aligns me towards any sort of path. In the end, I realize this is just the dilemma of many people my age. Anyone who is lucky enough to love their line of work should appreciate it. Most of us are thankful just to be gainfully employed. 


If interested, here's the slideshow of my conference photos

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