Monday, October 21

Off the Grid at the Presidio - Humphry Slocombe - Ramen Burger - Juice Shop

In lieu of a proper blog post, here are a collection of food and things from the past month.

 Went to Off the Grid Picnic at the Presidio. It was fun. The weather was nice.

This girl's boyfriend doesn't seem to enjoy being dragged to a Sunday picnic AND she's wearing leggings as pants.

Ate a knockoff ramen burger that was not the real ramen burger. Thin oily "bun" with a patty that was seasoned really deliciously but the texture made me question whether it was all beef. Something very flaky about it. I do not recommend this.

 Secret Breakfast flavor = bourbon and cornflakes ice cream from Humphry Slocombe. Supposed to be really popular. Do not consume after you got too drunk at Blackbird Tavern and spent all day hungover. I should have ordered Tahitian Vanilla. Can't go wrong with Vanilla. It doesn't remind you of bourbon.

Cleansed it right out with Juice Shop A+ Deep Green juice.

 I finally tried that Taiwanese shaved ice that comes in layers drizzled with condensed milk which  everyone keeps posting on their social media accounts. Made me really curious. It's fun to eat but just meh. I was really hoping it would be in a large ice cream sundae shaped glass and drenched in condensed milk.

 I hope this bike share thing works in San Jose, it's such a pretty color. The color alone will save the environment from smog pollution...

Guava and passion fruit snow cone in Japantown. Couldn't multitask, had to sit on a bench to eat it, dropped a big chunk on my pants. Sad times.

Photo by San P.
Bought new shoes and made another shoe friend.

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