Wednesday, June 5

Dishcrawl Food Truck Beta Tasting - San Jose

Hello! Your old foodie friend is back, kinda. Long story short, I still have a busy full time job and I still go to grad school at night. On top of that, for the last 6 months, I've found myself involved in an extracurricular activity that will take me to Atlanta, GA but before that, it takes me to a classroom 4-5 hours almost every week. So there you go, hiatus explained. Onwards to food content.

Many moons ago, Dishcrawl invited me to their Food Truck Beta Tasting event in South San Jose. The event showcased new dishes from local food trucks, dishes that had not been released yet. Attendees voted on their favorite dishes. I did not have too much time so I didn't try many of the trucks I really wanted to try because their lines were excessively long. 

Clear skies despite there being a large fire in the building one block over. I thought they would cancel the tasting or else we would dine on small bites sprinkled with a thin layer of ash. Luckily, the fire was contained, the event continued.

Lemongrass slider from Yummy BBQ - this one was actually yummy. Tastes like Vietnamese to me with the lemongrass and the pickled veggies. I did not enjoy those oily shrimp chips though.

BLT on a waffle from Waffle Amore- I was being daring, wanted to try a savory waffle. Got myself a bite full of dry hard waffle with a dollop of mayo and flavorless everything. How very sad. So little time, so little money, made the wrong food choice.

Karage Musubi sounded very promising from Rice Rockit. This was really dry inside and out, everything. There was also the creamy fatty orange colored sauce that really did nothing for the dish.

I think this is the Longanisa Slider, a sausage slider with fried egg. This was as oily as the musubi was dry. Ahh, up to now I've been disappointed so far, save for the lemongrass slider. Honestly, the waffle, musubi, and sliders were not my top choices but the lines for this truck were short. Can't be disappointed if you didn't expect much.

Treatbot Karaoke Truck always saves the day. Always. You can't go wrong with ice cream. Remember the indulgent ice cream sandwich I got here? Here comes Treatbot's Mango sorbet taco with Tajin sprinkles. I repeat, Treatbot always saves the day. I'm so glad I washed out the other dishes with this one. 

Here are the winners of the event. Too bad Treatbot isn't on here but yay that the Lemongrass Beef Slider got second place. I hope I provided you some exposure to local food trucks so you know what not to waste your time on, and which ones are worth the long lines.

On an dish level, these were voted the top 5:
1st - Saffron Chicken Rice Plate from Arabian Bites2nd - Lemongrass Beef Slider from Yummi BBQ /Lemon Bar Waffle from Waffle Amore3rd - Shredded Roasted Chicken Sandwich from Mayo & Mustard4th - Egg in the Hole Burger from Eat on Monday
On an overall basis, these trucks got the most votes:
1st – Mayo & Mustard
2nd – Yummi BBQ/Arabian Bites/Eat on Monday
3rd – The Baba Kabob /Waffle Amore
This event was brought by Dishcrawl, BAMFVA and the local food trucks.

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