Monday, March 25

Scoma's Restaurant with NuffnangX - San Francisco

 I've done some interesting publicity work that you've all seen so far this year and there's some more to come. I am slowly but surely shaping myself a good lifelong hobby. Maybe I really can retire by the river and have my life revolve around eating, cooking, photography, and rowing a boat down to Pacey Witter's house (Dawson's Creek reference for those of you who remember my chipmunk cheeked highschool crush - Joshua Jackson - *swoon*).


NuffnangX hosted a seafood dinner for 8 Bay Area bloggers at Scoma's Restaurant in San Francisco. It was really a fantastic treat for us and now I've made new friends and discovered a great place for fresh seafood. Scoma's generously provided what seemed like bottomless wine and delicious appetizers to start. BOTTOMLESS WINE!

 Sweet seared scallops with saffron cream. So good. So sweet. Saffron is not as strong as I thought it would be. Always gotta love a good seared scallop. Do not believe what directions on websites tell you, making a perfect seared scallop is not that easy but eating one or three is extremely easy.

I just like how these bread sticks look.

 Crab cakes and calamari. I don't know if this was a party platter size or the usual serving but it was alot of food. The crab cakes were so meaty too. I love when they're made of fresh crab meat and not starchy fillers. Not pictured are 3 different type of dipping sauces: a plain tartar, a chipotle tartar?, and a ketchup. Chipotle tartar sauce was my fave.

So much food came out and each plate was heaping. I couldn't tell if these were more appetizers or one of the entrees or had they invented a post-appetizer pre-entree mid-course category? Next thing I knew, a plate of steamed Dungeness crab with lemon and clarified butter came out. I usually don't dip my crab in butter. Just good ole fresh crab and lemon will do. Our waiter told us Scoma's processes their own crabs (does this mean catch it?). Either way, sounds and tastes like freshness to me.

Right after they set down the steamed crabs they set down another plate of garlic butter Dungeness crabs. These were so good too. My favorites were the steamed crab though. You just can't beat the natural taste.

This behemoth of a pasta and seafood plate is one of Scoma's most popular dishes. This is like a Bucca di Beppo family sized pasta plate but upscaled on the quality by 10 fold. There's everything you see pictured: shrimp, scallops, fish, other seafood in a creamy sauce on top of penne with a side of steamed veggies, and all on top of risotto! 

So I should mention that at this point, Phil is waiting for me to join him at the Curran Theatre to watch Jersey Boys. Tickets that I got from Jimbo. I planned to mix and mingle, have a few bites, and leave with enough time to catch the show, but c'mon. Do you guys see these plates of food? Imagine eating it. Would you leave? Didn't think so. No one blames me for making my husband watch the first part of a musical that he didn't even want to see in the first place by himself. My marriage suffers no consequences from my gluttony...

Let's continue on with this delicious plate of pesto and pine nuts pasta. Say that 3 times fast. This made me want pine nuts so badly I planned a ricotta and pine nut lasagna for dinner the next day and then realized that pine nuts were $10 a box and felt too cheap so it was just ricotta lasagna.

{Not pictured}
Another plate of pasta with tomatoes and basil

A side of sauteed spinach. Even a simple sauteed spinach is one of the freshest I've had.

Hold onto your hats kids, here's dessert. Four of them.
Counter clockwise from foreground: velvety cheesecake, Spumoni ice cream, rich dark chocolate cake, and a scoop of house made raspberry sorbet that trumps all other raspberry sorbets you have ever eaten.

NuffnangX rocks. Download their app. Interact with them on Facebook. Get to know NuffnangX.
Eat at Scoma's Restaurant. The food is fresh, the portions are huge, service is great. It's near Fisherman's Wharf so you can make it a touristy night out. And look at the sustainable environmentally friendly operation they run. Makes me happy.
Big thanks to both NuffnangX and Scoma's for hosting the dinner.

In other news, I've been networking with other bloggers alot and the lovely Kate has started a group of South Bay Bloggers. Here we are. More to come about these girls later.
Photo by Laurie.

Also, 4 more days to pledge for the Food Tourism Conference. They have passed the 50% mark. Let's keep going!


  1. omg you're so right, i am freaking starving now staring at these pictures. my bf is visiting from SD this weekend so i might try to drag him here! he loves pasta :) next time you're doing a blogger meet up i'd love to join! none of my real-life friends know about blogging...ughhh haha ;)

  2. Mmm.... Scoma's... I've been to their Sausalito location and loved it also. Been wanting to recommend it, but I don't have a gourmet palette. Glad you like it also! Gives me license to recommend it to people now. Tee hee.



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