Sunday, March 3

NuffnangX Social Blog Stalking app

Having recently switched to the world of smartphones (go Samsung Galaxy S3!) I had access to become more active on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. What about keeping up with reading my favorite blogs? Do I need to wait to get to my desktop?

This is when NuffnangX approached me to introduce their mobile app. I was admittedly very skeptical at first because mobile apps are a dime a dozen nowadays. Let's thank the Facebooks, Twitters, and Instagrams of the world for not only expanding social media, but also for making it a very saturated market. But, I digress. NuffnangX contacted me and I almost guffawed them away, until I recognized Nuffnang, Malaysia and Asia's Pacific's First Blog Advertising Community. Many years ago in the pre-San Jose Food Blog days when I was still writing cryptic blog entries about my uneventful life, I ran across some of Nuffnang's top bloggers in Asia, Dawn Yang and Xiaxue. Then I looked more into Nuffnang and saw that they had an extensive blogging community and were strong at linking advertisers and bloggers. They even host a yearly blogger award show. Yeah...we bloggers...we're another breed of entertainment, we do need an Oscars-type of recognition too. Nuffnang was my first peak into the world of bloggers as a community and not just authors who write things that we're not even sure people would read. I looked into finding a way to get my blog in the Nuffnang community only to be disappointed that they're only in Asia.

Along comes NuffnangX, the mobile app spin off of Nuffnang, their first venture into the US. In summary, the app allows you to add your favorite blogs in an interface that works much like an RSS reader. Think Bloglovin or Google Reader. But the 2 really cool things about Nuffnanx are:
1) the app chooses the most interesting line of the blog post and displays it on your reader to give you a sneak peak into the juiciest entries
2) you can leave a comment in the app for the author of the blog and if they are also on NuffnangX , you can begin a chat with each other

I've had the app for a few months now and am discovering new blogs with it. It's also been good fun trying to guess which line the app thinks is the most interesting in my entries. NuffnangX is available for free for iPhones and Android phones. If you love blogs, you should check it out.

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