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Liquid Bread + Psycho Donuts - Campbell

At some point during the life of your stable relationship, you may engage in a social activity called "double dating." As if finding one other compatible person to have a meal with isn't difficult enough, social convention warrants that after finding said person, the two of you should find another pair with enough compatibility to partake in activities together. Let's not fret about finding two or more couples to have dinner parties and kiddie birthday parties with yet.

We are lucky to have our go-to double date couple and our quadruple tried Liquid Bread Gastropub in Campbell together. Downtown Campbell has the vibe of a less expensive Los Gatos and this is a good thing. It's the place you go to get away from crowded downtown San Jose but you don't want to drive as far as Mountain View or Los Gatos. There is no fuss about paying for parking far away or feeling obligated to have a long epic night because you took the effort to come here. Night time chill fun with friends - if that were an actual category of ambiance.

Liquid Bread, as my friend tells me, is named so because the same ingredients used in making bread are also used in making beer. As this place is a gastropub with micro brews, the name Liquid Bread is sophisticated and fitting.

I do not remember which microbrewery beers we tried but they were all interesting and come in different shaped glasses.

I think I had a meade or pear cider in the tall skinny glass in the back. It was light and fruity. The great thing about gastropubs is that there's something for every taste.

($24) Bavette steak - mixed mushrooms, green broccoli, liquid bread
Tender, juicy, moist and overall a great steak. The mixed mushrooms were really tasty. Always a fan of sauteed shrooms. Liquid bread must be this runny sauce on empty part of the plate. I assume from the name that its a sauce made from beer. Judging from the half empty plate, this was a small serving size. Phil was totes still hungry after.

($18) Squab - purple rice, golden raisin, peanuts, fennel salad, pan sauce
I have a growing list of different poultry to try and squab can officially be checked off. It has the same consistency as duck and tastes a bit gamier. Overall, an interesting new experience and a very savory entree. I think quail will be bumped down the list to make way for squab because squab is like quail's fatter cousin. Similar taste but more meaty. Also, served on top of wild purple rice and shaved fennel with mustard colored poops, yes please!
($17) Mussels - charred octopus, chorizo, potato, pickled peppers, udon noodles, fumet
The female in our counterpart duo ordered these mussels which were fantastic. That chorizo ball in particular was great. According to the internet, fumet is a reduced seasoned fish, meat, or veggie stock. This portion also looks small though.

($18) veal breast pasta - linguini, vadouvon curry, celery, goat cheese, orange zest
Unfortunately I did not get to taste this one but our friend said it was really good.

Here is a photo illustrating the ambiance described earlier as "Night time chill fun with friends." Do you agree?

Can you recognize these next two pictures?

This is the infamous Psycho Donuts interior. They sell local artwork, like the mini bust of miss Danger Kitty above, and have an insane asylum decor theme.

What's really insane are their donuts!!!
That's right, I went there. I can't decide if that line was more corny or cheesey?

Seriously though, look at these psycho flavors. 
Left: Chocolate glaze with graham cracker crumbles, frosting, and chocolate syrup
Top right: The pink donut from the Simpsons
Bottom right: Jelly filled donut holes

I'm not a fan of donuts so these were all too sweet for me. My friends were going PSYCHO for them though. Can't help myself, the puns just roll out.

Liquid Bread
Clever name. The food here is really good. The beer, wine, cider, and meade selections were also great. Service was attentive, mood is lively. The portions and prices, however, left much to be desired. In fact, it left 2 large donuts and 3 donut holes to be desired. Charge less or give more please, Liquid Bread. Mostly, I prefer you give more because the food is excellent.

Would I go back here? Yes for drinks, no for food. I'll just learn how to make that squab at home. This is the kind of place with the portions and the prices that drive you to learn how to cook at home.

Psycho Donuts
They sell sweet things and the employees wear nurse costumes. Need I say more? 
Actually I will. It's a fun place to stop by. Treat yourself to that end of the week calorie reward of a donut. It is nice to experience off the wall combinations of everything indulgent.
Psycho Donuts on Yelp

Liquid Bread Gastropub on Urbanspoon
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  1. I used to work in the Pruneyard towers and passed Psycho Donuts hundreds of times but never went inside. Now I'll make sure to do so.



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