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Restaurant Figueira Rubaiyat - Sao Paulo, Brazil

 Now that you have read about the best restaurant in Brazil, it is time for the runner up to get some attention. Restaurant Figueira Rubaiyat in Sao Paulo was my vote for the second best meal I had in Brazil. Better known as the restaurant with the tree, Figueira Rubaiyat was built around a gigantic and very old fig tree.

 You can see one branch of the tree in the background of this group picture. The ceiling is made of glass and wood beams to protect the foliage and figs from falling on diners. It made for a unique ceiling view. The restaurant was dimly lit so most of my pictures were bad. This entry is composed of a collection of my classmate's photos some of which had lighting issues as well but I need to show you the awesome food. Excuse the blurriness.

These 3 lucky gentlemen had the pleasure of dining with 7 beautiful ladies that night. This was most definitely a fun table to dine with.

"I'm top shelf, you're top ramen."
The bar with its endless bottles of cachacas to make caipirinhas.

 The three seasonings for the steak included 
left: crushed red peppers, very commonly found in Brazil
middle: Olive oil compote thingy. I don't remember this one much
right: coarse sea salt

Kiley and I each ordered this monstrous steak with baked potato. I forgot the cut of steak. It was melt in your mouth fantastic. Medium rare for me of course! I ate half of the steak and didn't even touch the potato. Filled up too much on bread. Not wanting to waste any bite of this great steak, I brought it back to my hotel where I proceeded to eat it cold for breakfast the next morning with my bare hands like a savage. No microwave or utensils in the room. And you know what? It was still good for breakfast. mmm so savory.

A couple people at our table ordered the steak that came pre-cut and served on a smoker. I had a few bites of one piece and it was even better than my steak, which is really hard to top. As we have all heard about Brazil, they really have great meats.

Trip Advisor link for Restaurant Figueira Rubaiyat

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