Sunday, September 30

Alzheimers Walk - Enjoy Vegetarian Restaurant - San Francisco

Phil and I did the 5K Alzheimers walk this weekend in San Francisco. The cause color is purple so I tried my best to match. I was told there were so many more people this year than last year.

This is Okami. He is huge. When he stands up, he's taller than me.

Finally I got to see the famous arrow that everyone likes to use as the backdrop for their engagement pictures.

We had not eaten anything all morning yet and were starving. Phil and Irene recommended a vegetarian restaurant they had been to before called Enjoy Vegetarian Restaurant. What a generic name.

Crispy fake chicken drumsticks. These were a little chewy but flavorful and crispy on the outside.

Mongolian fake beef. This dish was my favorite. The beef was the most flavorful. Tastes closest to real beef and had a good tender texture.

($9.99) Shanghai bean curd sauce braised fake lamb. The lamb pieces were a real hit. It is kind of amorphous blob shaped but really tasty. The sauce was the best part.

(~$18) Bai Ling Mushrooms with pea sprouts. I love pea sprouts so you can never go wrong with a stir fried pea sprout dish. I think these are the mushrooms used for fake abalone. The texture reminds me of real abalone.

($9) Spinach fried rice with pine nuts. I thought this was bland. It sounded really interesting and Phil said it was the best thing he had last time. But today it was bland. A bit of a let down. I love pine nuts though so it's always a treat to have some.

I would not return here. Although there are alot of creative dishes using expensive ingredients (ref. the bai ling mushrooms and pine nuts) they were not seasoned extraordinarily and so many dishes just fell flat. Tofu consistency of all the "fake meats" were chewy. A few of the sauces stood out like the Mongolian beef and braise lamb but mostly just meh. Phil says it was much better the last time he went so maybe it was just an off day. Based on this meal alone, I think there are better vegetarian places.

Enjoy on Yelp (it got 4.5 stars out of 359

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