Tuesday, September 11

Yelp Elite Event - Back to Cool

Did I tell you I am married to a Yelp Elite member? OoOooh yay...What an honor. We should be given VIP treatment at every dining establishment immediately! I kidd I kidd. Before I started the blog, I tried writing a few Yelp reviews and just found that it was not personal enough for me. Phil stuck to it though and has recently been given Yelp Elite status. It means he gets invited to fun exclusive events. I used to think Yelp Eliters were probably pretentious food snobs who like to congregate once in a while and feel cool and exclusive. Let's see how my night as the plus one at a Yelp Elite event turned out.

The event was titled "Back to Cool" at Menlo Grill Bistro and Bar in Menlo Park. The theme was to celebrate the new school term and asked members to bring school supplies to donate to the Menlo Park School District. Hmm I didn't know there was a charity element to these events. Cool points already! Menlo Grill is the restaurant of the Stanford Park Hotel and the event was held in the hotel courtyard. I do not remember every dish so please enjoy food eye candy.

Chicken or fish(?) salad. This was just ok.

Lettuce wraps with cheese, veggies, and bacon bits. It was a bit bland.

Hosted bar serving 2 types of cocktails.
The event was likely sponsored by Crispin Cider. The cider was pretty good, like a sweet non-alcoholic beer with a malty taste. The lillet wine on the right was interesting too. Tastes very sweet at first and finishes like a strong port wine.
A heaping skillet of cheese and artichoke dip. This was quite tasty.

Bread pudding? meh unremarkable.

Cookies and milk, fantastic idea! Cookie lovers would hate me but I think a smaller cookie would give a better visual appeal and there would be enough milk to balance it.

But this event was really all about the kids lobster rolls. These things were super tasty. I love a good lobster roll bread. Sam's Chowder mobile's rolls were better because they had large chunks of lobster claw. The Yelp elite rolls were free for us though so I am not complaining, it still tasted great.

We made new friends. I gave them my blog address so if you guys are reading this, hello! *waves*
One of the 2 cocktails served that night was the Cosmojito. A mix between a cosmopolitan and a mojito. It tasted light and minty.

Phil had the Straight A Margarita which is just a classic margarita.

Here I am with my last minute back to school outfit. Just casually chillin by this lighted tree with a cosmojito in my hand and a backpack on, waiting for school to start.

Lastly, here is the Lillet station where the wine was served. I made the bartender pose and rearrange his station a few times for these photos.
Yelp Eliters are not pretentious afterall. It was really a great way to network and meet new people. Even if you don't take your friendship outside of Yelp, you are bound to run into each other again at the next event. I should have tried it before I knocked it. Combined with the charity contributions, I think the Yelp community really just provides a good way for people to meet each other and bond over food. Most of the attendees were young working professionals or students just looking to get out for the night. It also helped that the food was good and the alcohol was plenty. I have a new appreciation for Yelp now and I will definitely go to another Yelp Elite event and also will dine again at Menlo Grill if they keep serving those lobster rolls. =)

See user Alex L. catch me photographing the event.
Menlo Grill on Yelp

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