Sunday, April 8

Portion Control Diet - Weekend Update

 Tonight marks the conclusion of our first week out of 4 weeks on the portion control diet. I already sense that this will become a lifestyle change after 4 weeks because I don't see us going back to eating the same large portions at odd times again. It's been a good week so far, let me show you in pictures.

 If anyone is curious about how the Korean spicy chicken turned out, here it is. I made 2 chicken tacos of about 1.5oz of chicken each for dinner in class.

Also important to note that we have switched over to brown rice. Brown rice is more nutritious and supposedly provides more calories on a smaller amount. Phil never took a liking to the wild purple rice I tried but he really likes the brown rice so I'm glad this was an easy sell to him.
Brown rice with beef marinated in oyster sauce, sesame oil, sesame seeds, corn starch, soy sauce, chilli sauce. Service with a side of steamed broccoli dipped in a soy sauce and chili garlic sauce mix.

We ended the weekend with a meal of swai fillet, a cut of fish very new to the both of us. According to Wikipedia, "Vietnamese catfish cannot be legally marketed as catfish in the US, and is subsequently referred to as swai or basa." That's crazy! If this is true, my parents eat swai all the time.
 In the discount section, Safeway sold 1lb of swai for $3.99 with 50% off so we got the tray above for about $2. I am wary of purchasing meat and seafood from the discount section but I figure if it still looks fresh and you have time to prepare it within 1-2 days, it should be ok to consume. Phil cut roughly 5oz pieces for us both. I didn't eat the whole piece. The tray will make 3 meals for us.

Phil actually took the initiative to make dinner with the fish and it was delicious. He marinated the fish for a few hours with black bean garlic sauce. Then he sauteed some zucchini and mushrooms in olive oil and more of the black bean garlic sauce. After transferring the vegetables to a separate bowl, he cooked the fillets on medium for 6-8 minutes (by his estimation but be sure to just check your fillet as its cooking). Finally he turned  the heat on high for the last 1 minute on each side. Now that we know the taste and texture of swai and that it is a catfish, I have some other ideas on how to prepare it for the future and swai will definitely be a fish to eat again.

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