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OXO 5lb Food Scale Giveaway + Portion Control Diet

Phil and I love OXO products as you can tell from my egg beater, vegetable peelers, POP containers, salad spinner, and 15 piece kitchen tool set. I wouldn't mind a whole kitchen organized by OXO and decked out with their tools. Our latest edition to the OXO family is the 5lb food scale, courtesy of an OXO + Foodbuzz blogger giveaway.

Busy school and work lives lead us to eat odd quantities at odd hours. Most weeks, I cook 2-3 times a week and cook large portions that last for the rest of the week. I pack an obscene amount of food for work because it must last me for lunch and for dinner on campus. Sometimes the dinner of salad on campus is not fulfilling and I make up the stomach space with cookies or a late meal at 10PM when I get home. Phil sometimes eats only 1-2 meals a day and very large quantities during each sitting. I find that no matter how hard we work out and how much I try to stock the fridge with clean foods, our results are counteracted by portions and schedules. Another issue is budget, which has been mentioned many times before. Bad food is also cheap food.

When I received the 5lb Food Scale from OXO to review, I immediately thought this could be our first step into fixing the portion and schedule part of our diet problems. The rules of the experiment are simple:
  1. Start: April 2, end: April 30
  2. Eat every 2-3 hours. Suggested times are:
    • 9AM: breakfast
    • 12PM: lunch
    • 3PM: snack
    • 6PM: dinner
    • 9PM: snack
  3. Follow portion control guidelines from these websites. I am not strictly predetermining the rules for portion control because we eat Asian foods and will have to determine our portions on a case by case basis.
  4. Exercise when we can. Realistically, for my schedule it would be 15-30 minute work outs during the weeknights and running on weekends. For Phil, the schedule is about the same but with random flexibility to do longer workouts during the weeknights.
Phil's starting weight: 167.7lbs
Ngoc's starting weight: 97.7lbs

We are actually happy with our current weight but not our shape. There could be more tightening and toning going on.

I received a second 5lb food scale to give away to one lucky reader. The retail value of this food scale is $29.99. It has a pull out display in case your bowl or measuring container obstructs your view of the reading. It can measure in ounces or grams. Stay tuned for my review of the food scale during the next 4 weeks. We plan to measure meat, poultry, and seafood portions. 

You can enter to win the 5lb food scale by liking San Jose Food Blog on Facebook. It's that simple! Please like my page on Facebook then enter the form below so I can verify your entry. Contest ends at midnight on April 15. Open to US entries only.

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