Monday, April 2

Portion Control Diet Day 1

Ngoc's Diary:
This is what I packed for work today.

I had a fruit and yogurt parfait with granola at 9:30PM and that was filling enough. According to Webmd, a serving size of cooked rice should be half a cup or the size of a light bulb. I accidentally packed what felt like a bit over 1 cup. A serving of chicken should be 3oz or about the size of a deck of cards. I estimated this to be one large drumstick. I managed to save myself by splitting up my lunch into two portions, eating half at 12:30PM and the other half at 3:30PM. With the new schedule, I didn't feel hungry throughout the day but I also wanted to eat more out of habit. It's an odd feeling to finish eating my lunch in 15 minutes and just twiddle my thumbs for the remainder of the time.
I did this workout this morning. It took 15 minutes.

 Phil's Diary as paraphrased by Ngoc:
Today my first meal was at 10:30AM and my last meal was dinner at 8:00PM. I had a scoop of green beans and one piece of chicken cordon bleu, scraping off the crust of the chicken. My snacks were probably larger than they should have been but I am still getting used to the new portions. For lunch I had 2 egg mcmuffins. Before dinner, I squeezed in a 20-30 minute Insanity workout which I haven't done in a while, it was good.

Tonight's Dinner:
I am finally making use of the scale to prep tonight's dinner. I've defrosted some steak and before cooking, I cut 3oz servings. I think 3oz is enough for me but as Phil is a male and much larger than me, he will get 6oz. Vegetables are measured in cups so I eyeballed a baseball size worth for me and double that for Phil. Half cup of rice for me and full cup for him. 
Can you believe 3oz is only that much? This is supposedly the size of a deck of cards. The scale is very easy to use. I wrap the top with Saran wrap, then measured out all my portions of meat and at the end just tossed the Saran wrap. Today I cooked for 4 people because my sister and her bf came over for dinner and dinner was at 8PM instead of 6PM.

This was my portion. Not all my steaks were exactly 3oz but they were close. I eyeballed a light bulb sized portion of rice and a baseball sized portion of veggies. This actually got me pretty full but I digested it quickly. Since dinner was so late, we omitted the 9PM snack. It is 11PM now and I am a little bit hungry.

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