Wednesday, April 4

Portion Control Diet Day 2 and 3

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Ngoc's Diary
Day 2's lunch, dinner, and snacks. And it still wasn't enough!
Day 2 was my first day having evening class while on the diet. As expected, it was tough. The 3PM snack didn't feel like enough so I snacked intermittently between 3 and 9PM. I made healthy snack choices like fruits and veggies but by the end of class, my brain had that headache from lack of sustenance. 9PM I ate a dinner of the correct proportions and by midnight bedtime, my stomach was growling. It is already proving difficult to maintain the diet's proportions and schedule on class days.
Day 3, no class today and the proportions are ok but last night's midnight hunger is taking its toll. Gave in to a craving and had half a glazed donut at 2:30PM which is not the correct snack time but I'm ok with this proportion of sweets.Cooking and packing lunch is still such a thought process. I am now considering adding a 5th eating time which is a snack either before or after breakfast.

Phil's Diary
Day 2 and 3: I have not been so good these two days. Didn't work out much. Meals were larger than usual and I did not have snacks. (This could be due to the fact that Ngoc started school and isn't home to cook for me- as speculated by Ngoc)

Weighing Chicken
It's becoming tedious to weigh out 3oz of every protein before I cook so I've decided to weigh the entire batch, then use the total weight to determine how many meals the batch should last me.

 For visual demonstration, this is roughly 3oz of chicken thighs.

I am marinating the thighs for tomorrow's dinner. Marinade recipe (rough measurements):
 Half a cup of Korean spicy chicken & pork marinade
3 cloves of chopped garlic
1.5 teaspoon of pineapple chunks and its juice
2 shakes of garlic powder
2 teaspoons of chopped green onion
a splash of fish sauce (optional)

This weighed out to be 19oz of marinated chicken thighs. For this experiment, I will assume that raw protein and cooked protein weigh roughly the same because I do not want to weigh my cooked food. One serving of cooked chicken for me is 3oz, 6oz for him. By these assumptions, this bowl of marinated chicken should last us two meals. 
Phil: 6oz + 6oz
Ngoc: 3oz + 3oz
...with one ounce to spare, hmm who will fight for the last morsel?!?!

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