Monday, October 10

Sauteed Yam Leaves

Colder weather is settling in and I'm finding that leafy vegetables at the market are getting pricier. I did my weekly grocery run on a Friday after work and was disappointed to find higher prices for wilted leaves. Unsatisfied with the gai lan and choy options, I gave these yam leaves a try. They are super cheap, under $1 a pound. This whole bundle was probably 89c or 99c. I've never eaten these before so I Googled a recipe.

The recipe called for boiling or blanching the leaves. I blanched for about 2 minutes then drained the leaves.

Then I made a colorful mixture of chopped spring onions, shallots, garlic, and pepper flakes. In they went to a heated and oiled wok. Then the yam leaves were stirred in until everything was evenly distributed. Lastly I turned off the heat and added a bit of soy sauce.

Here it is! Yam leaves are actually very tasty. It's like spinach but less gritty. Dao miaou but less tender. It does get a little slimey though. I think the blanching was supposed to decrease the slimeyness but it didn't so next time I'll skip that step. Still very good.

We paired this with Korean BBQ short ribs. I'll definitely have yam leaves again. It's so cheap and tasty and easy to make. Great dinner!


  1. Omg, yum! Yam leaves are so underrated. They are so incredibly healthy and also really tasty. But they are pretty expensive compared to my typical gatherings of Asian veggies :p

    I also had Korean BBQ this weekend :D Looking at your short ribs makes me miss buffets. If you're ever in LA, you should try Urth Caffe and for dinner go to Road to seoul Korean BBQ buffet. It's AMAZING if you like to eat grilled squid! :)

    Seattle sounds fun! I love going to the Pike market and sampling their vast array of fancy finger foods! :p

  2. I've never even heard of yam leaves. That's so cool. Lately, I've been opting for lentils as a cheap supper.



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