Wednesday, October 12

After Hours at the Tech Museum - San Jose

The Tech Museum in San Jose has been a staple of grade school field trips since forever. First, you go to the Children's Discovery Museum in elementary school. Then if your school has the budget, you get a trip to the Tech Museum in middle school. Then if you're lucky like me, your high school senior prom will be held at the Tech Museum also. Basically, the Tech is a cool place, made even cooler by the addition of After Hours at the Tech. In a definite nod to the California Academy of Sciences Nightlife event in San Francisco, After Hours offers all the youthful sciencey fun of the museum but with alcohol and games for adults.

Admission is $12 per person, or $10 per person for a group of 10+. Then you pay $1 per ticket which can be used to buy food and drinks. Our group of 10 ran a muck in the museum.

I love the colorful, fluorescent decorations. I'm not with that man but he wanted to pose for my picture. And apparently he "beat anorexia" says the shirt.

Krypto-tini. Super strong drinks in plastic martini glasses. The bartender dispenses them from a cooler and then adds more alcohol on top. Many people got drunk this day.

Phil bought me this overpriced $5 pulled pork sandwich because I hadn't had dinner yet. It was very plain and exactly what I expected at the event. At least I ate something for dinner and even had a little acid reflux for dessert. Yummy!

The robot spelled my name. Ngoc Something-something-N-Something.

 The robot also drew this nifty image based off a photo we took on the computer system. Awesome!

The best part of the night was playing in the bounce house obstacle course. We wore velcro suits and the walls had velcro on them. The concept is to stick to the walls and climb your way up. Oh if only the velcro wasn't old and worn down. They didn't work at all and I ended up taking a billion tries to hop over the walls. It was tons of fun and a great workout. If the lines for this were shorter, I would've gone again.

I haven't been to the Tech in ages so it was very nostalgic to come back. Alot of the old exhibits I grew up with are still there. There were giant board games like Connect 4 and Jenga. There was a long line for the Kinnect dancing game and a tug-o-war game. I had  a good time because I was with a group of friends. 

BUT, in an unbiased review, I would have to say that the event is overpriced for what it is. The Tech is not on the same level as the Academy of Sciences and shouldn't be charging the same admission. Food and drink was quite costly and not very tasty. Attendance was rather low and few people followed the Superhero Pajama theme. I hope that the Tech either offers more or charges less. 

The next event is November 2 - Cosmos Under the Cosmos. It sounds alot cooler and hopefully offers more. I definitely recommend checking it out if you're in San Jose. It's worth a visit at least once.

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