Wednesday, January 12

Puerto Azul Restaurant - San Jose

During the holiday break, Sherbear of thepetticoat5 paid me a visit from San Francisco and I was excited to show her all the San Jose offerings. Not so sadly, we ended up eating leftover arctic surf clams at my house and I accidentally took her to a Mexican restaurant. You see, we were looking for New Indian Cuisine, which was closed. After walking down random blocks, our stomachs couldn't handle anymore and we stopped by the nearest Mexican restaurant, Puerto Azul Restaurant.
I practically made a feast of tortilla chips and spicy salsa. That was some tasty salsa. Smile, Sherbear!

I have to hand it to Mexican restaurants, they do give large portions so you definitely get some type of bang for your buck. I don't remember item names and there is no posted menu so we'll have to play the guessing game.

Sher had a fish dish with Spanish rice, beans, and lettuce. Yes, there is fish underneath that glob of sauce. While she wasn't a huge fan of the sauce and had to scrape it off, she did say the fish was perfectly cooked and all in all, enjoyed the dish.

I got a taco quadruplet which was packed with stuff. My four flavors were, beef tongue, carne asada, spicy pork, and chicken. The beef tongue taco was SO good. Beef tongue is about the best thing in Mexican food that I've ever had. Those radishes were surprisingly good. I don't usually expect jalapenos to be spicy but that one had a kick. By now, I was full off tortilla chips and salsa so after the beef tongue taco and a few more bites, I stopped and took the rest to-go for my family.

Puerto Azul was not too bad. Saved by the beef tongue taco I would say. The restaurant was very crowded but turnover rate is fast. Service was standard, nothing noticeable. Atmosphere is loud and family friendly. The pricing was fair-ish. $11-15 per plate. I think this is mid range to pricey but you do get a large portion. Would I go back? No. I don't like Mexican food and this was just a desperate night. But for Mexican food lovers, I would suggest it because lots of yelp reviewers like this place.

By the way, you can check out Sherry's blog at thepetticoat5. There's fun artwork, random food entries, things on New York life. All that jazz and then some.

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