Friday, January 14

Jeffrey's Hamburgers - San Mateo

There's nothing quite like the joy of finding a dollar bill in your jean pockets or in a stuffed drawer. Even better if you find a gift certificate to a beloved local hamburger joint. Phil had such a day a few weeks ago where he discovered an old gift certificate to Jeffrey's Hamburgers and we hoped it was not expired and had a decent amount on it. All of which were true so free lunch for us!

Jeffrey's is a hamburger establishment in which you order at the counter and food is brought to your table. Then you can dress your hamburger as you wish from the following condiment buffet.

mm pickles and pickled jalapenos. mmmm

Onions, tomatoes, lettuce

($11.49) I ordered a steak salad, cooked medium rare. The steak was cooked perfectly and when dipped into my cup of A-1 sauce was absolutely mouth watering. It sat atop a bed of mixed field greens which sat atop another bed of fruit and all dressed in a vinagarette of some sort, sprinkled with cheese. The dressing was too sour for me and did not go well with the fruit. I mostly enjoyed this salad but really wished that certain elements were separated, like the fruits and the dressing.

($2.49) We shared a plate of garlic fries. The fries were good enough but nothing beats stadium garlic fries. Those are the right combination of soggy and drenched in garlic. All the garlic and cheese in this fell to the bottom of the tray, boourns.

($4.99) Phil ordered chicken tenders which he really enjoyed. I had the leftovers the next day. There's something about eating fried food at a sit down restaurant that makes it feel much healthier than at a fast food chain.

We should have ordered burgers because that is what Jeffrey's specializes in. I feel like I missed out on some top notch burgers. We just were not in the mood for burgers. I still really liked my steak and Phil liked his chicken tenders but the fries were just ok. I liked these prices and portions. Jeffrey's will be revisited for the burgers, I have my eye on the pineapple teriyaki burger.

Did you find it weird that I took photos of the condiments bar? Apparently, one Jeffrey's patron did. She must have been talking about it to her dining mates because by the time I snapped a photo of the steak salad, she exclaimed (not even trying to whisper), "Now she's taking a picture of the steak salad!" At first I was offended because it's really none of her business and unless the restaurant tells me I can't take photos, I will keep taking photos. But she was also an older lady and I give her the benefit of the doubt that maybe she doesn't know what yelp and blogging is? Who knows. If you like to photograph your food, has anyone every said anything about it? Please share.


  1. I must try this place! :D YUM!!!!!!! I love how all the food looks.. so mouthwatering! Also, I wanted to ask you.. have you been to Hokkaido Buffet in San Mateo? I just wanted to ask to see if you reccomend it :) I've been to Tatami.. is it similar? :)

  2. No, I haven't been to Hokkaido but I do know about it. Up in the Peninsula area, I hear Moonstar is a good buffet. I'll have to try one day.

  3. I can see how to the layman it would appear odd to photo your food! He He Looks good to me, but I probably would have had to go for the burger.
    Have a great weekend!



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