Sunday, January 16

Tapestry - Los Gatos

Some coworkers and I went to a lunch in Los Gatos at Tapestry and I want to say Tapestry is a hidden gem, but supposedly many others know about it and it was only hidden from me. =*( tear drops. I actually went with the same coworkers who took me to Wine Cellar last year, which was also an excellent eat. Anyhow, I've discovered it now and I love it. When I grow old and retire in my house by a creek where I can paddle and row over to my neighbor's house, I want to eat at places like Tapestry on weekday mornings.
a place where they serve the cream to your coffee from a sake bottle

a place where the tender skirt steak has a side of the smoothest and sweetest potato gratin. ($17)

a place where there's such a thing as a duck burger that tastes like a pulled pork sandwich and comes with a side of crunchy fries. yummy ($12)

a place where even the worst item we ordered of the day, was only bad because it was too oily. The Canadian Rock Crab linguini had so much potential. ($17)

a place where the salmon is cooked perfectly with a crispy grilled surface and where I had my first lentils and they were not too bad. That sauce was good too. ($16)

and lastly, a place where they give you complimentary cookies to end the meal.
 Yes, that is how I would like to live out my retirement...

Tapestry is pricey but worth it. Afterall, Tapestry is in Los Gatos where you can buy an Aston Martin, Lamborghini, Bugatti, Lotus, etc. so you should know what you're in for. Like many restaurants in the area, the building looks like a converted quaint little house and has a very comfortable feeling. The menu changes seasonally and has limited options. It's refreshing to order "the duck" or "the steak" and the response does not require you to specify which duck or which cut of steak. Service was attentive but not suffocating which I always like. Tapestry gets very high marks from me because despite all the separate elements, I had a good dining experience overall.


  1. Yums...Perhaps I shall visit. Maybe we should meet up there sometime!!!

  2. YUM That duck burger sounds heavenly!



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