Sunday, December 12

Wendy's Natural Cut Fries and a Giveaway

When foodbuzz announced that Wendy's was giving a select few of us giftcards to try their new natural cut fries (thanks for selecting me), it was the first time I heard of these fries. So this really got me thinking, if they're natural cut now, then what were they before? I felt the same confusion as I felt when McDonald's announced they were making their nuggets out of real dark meat, then I thought was white meat fake?

I gather that natural cut fries means skin-on and fried in a less fatty oil. Luckily, I was already a fan of Wendy's fries so this was an easy sell. I'm really surprised that survey takers think McDonald's has the best fries. They taste like hard toothpicks to me! My favorite are In-n-Out fries because they taste the most natural and it helps that I've actually seen In-n-Out employees cut fresh potatoes for fries. Wendy's comes in second for their thicker and sturdier than McDonald's fries. Carls Jr's criss-cut fries are tied at second but can't really be compared because they belong to a different category. Anyway, theeventlessplanner and I marched on to our dinner.

Soda and double burger.

99c crispy chicken sandwich. My absolute favorite entree at Wendy's was the Mandarin Chicken Salad. Having been MIA from Wendy's in a few years, I was sad to find that they no longer offer this salad. Bring it back please. If you're trying to go more natural with the fries, why take away a salad which was the most natural thing. =( sadness...

First bite of the natural cut fries. Could I look anymore tired?

Digging in to her fries

 And this is why I like the Wendy's fries. Nowhere else can you dip it into a frosty. I forgot how much I like Wendy's fast food. I've been wooed away these past few years by home cooking that I've forgotten my college budget friendly fast food chain of choice. We both agreed that 1) yes you can taste the difference between the old and new fries, 2) the newer one is better, 3) sea salt is pretty good, 4) they could use some more skin on the fries though. Wendy's fries still don't surpass In-n-Out fries in my ranking but they hold a solid #2 spot. By improving their fries without changing any of the great qualities of their original fries, such as rigidity, thickness, and crunchiness, they remain my second favorite fast food chain fries. Forget what those surveyors said about McDonald's fries, they're nasty and taste like high blood pressure sprinkled on a heart attack.

 The next night, Phil and I bought some more Wendy's so he could try the natural cut fries for the first time. 

Look at little guy, he wants some!
Phil says, "So I got to try the new fries and I must say that these are even awesomer than the original Wendy's fries."

Foodbuzz, Wendy's, and myself think the fries are pretty awesome and we want you to try them yourself so they have sponsored a gift card giveaway.The prize is a $10 giftcard to Wendy's and the winner will be contacted via email and announced on the blog. To enter, please fill in the form below. Thank you and good luck.
U.S. ENTRIES ONLY. Entering your Google ID and email alone is not an entry. You need to choose one of the following options.
Entries are due by Dec 19. Winners announced on Dec 21.


  1. Fries is a total guilty pleasure for me! I recently saw the commercials for natural cut fries and really excited because I live so close to Wendy's. I use to go there as a kid! :p

    Anyway, I'm happy I found your blog. I also live in San Jose!! :p It's nice to find ppl from the same area! :) I am following you now :D haha

  2. How come I never get good stuff like this from FB, I love fries too! I will find you on Twitter, but i suck at it!

  3. free fries, nice! glad they were good, i'll have to try them too :-)



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