Tuesday, December 14

Banh Cuon Tay Ho and Wendy's Giveaway

Banh cuon is one of my absolute favorite Vietnamese foods and I don't care where I get it from because they're usually always good. Banh cuon contains ground pork and minced wood ear mushrooms rolled in a thin rice flour sheet. It is served with other side dishes and leafy greens all drenched in seasoned fish sauce. I've recently been introduced to Banh Cuon Tay Ho 8 on Senter Road by some coworkers and it was the best banh cuon I've ever tasted. I never knew an entire restaurant existed around this item. I went again right before they closed one night and it was just ho hum and a little cold. This past weekend, Phil and I went during the morning and this is the best time to go as the banh cuon is freshly made.

A pitcher of fish sauce and sauce bowls for all.

($6.75) #12 which is regular banh cuon with cha lua (pork sausage), fried yam and shrimp cake on top of blanched bean sprouts and lettuce. So good. The banh was nice and warm and fresh.

($7.25) Vermicelli with BBQ pork and egg rolls with bean sprouts and veggies. This is also one of my favorites but I was here for the banh cuon that day so Phil had this. Can't go wrong with vermicelli and BBQ meat.

($2.25) Soda Xi Muoi or salted plum and sugar in club soda. Usually I get a smoothie or something more exotic but I was battling a sore throat and this is supposed to help. It may be an old wives tale but I do find that salty things help sore throats. At $2.25 it is very much a rip off but meh, I was thirsty. 
The Wendy's Giveaway is still going on until Dec 19 so submit your entries if you haven't already done so.


  1. I have to find this place, I'm always on the look out for some good Vietnamese food. Hope you sore throat is gone!

  2. oooh super noms. i want some of this!

  3. I can get used to eating like this.......Vermacelli is awesome!

  4. Gosh, that looks delish!!! I'll definitely give that restaurant a try and bring my mom. On a nerdy note, you are correct in that salty things help with sore throats. Gurgling salt water is a known cure for sore throats because it helps kill whatever's causing your sore throat. I tried it once for a throat infection, but it tasted so nasty, I just deal with my sore throats w/o it. I'll try this soda next time. =P

  5. I just caught myself drooling. I HATE YOU!!

  6. mmm, i've never tried this, i'll look for it now. a PITCHER of fish sauce?! whoa...



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