Thursday, December 9


Hi all,

This is Phil, Ngoc's lesser unknown half. I have hacked into her account and treating you all to a guest blog! You may know me from such famous blogposts as "the proposal."

Anyways, my friend recently had a Thanksgiving potluck, all the typical Thanksgiving foods were already chosen, so I decided to bake (FYI, I do not bake).

Went to my local grocery store and bought the best looking box cover they had. Turns out it was this Ghiradelli double chocolate. Thank goodness too because the vanilla cream was right next to the convenient! I bought the ones with sprinkles too, wanted to give it a little flare.

So with the ingridents of water, oil, and egg, I throw them all into the bowl and at this point, I'm thinkin "this looks pretty darn"

I throw in the brownie mix and start mixing, after 2 minutes, nothing is changing and my hand is getting tired. I got a little out of control and whisked some of the mix out of the bowl.....only if I had a special whisk..................

Now it's starting to look legit! After another 3 minutes, the ingridents finally start to form into stuff that looks like brownies.

After mixing, I start to fill this thing with the brownie mix. I'm thinking "omg, how am I going to feed 10-15 people with this? This looks like nothing!" Then I realized why it looked kinda low....................

I couldn't stop eating the brownie mix!

After 45 minutes in the oven...BAMMMM....I feel like a proud parent who just gave birth.

After letting the brownies settle for a bit, I placed the frosting with sprinkles on half of the brownies. I was trying to be nice. I knew there would be girls at the potluck, so I was thinking for the people on a diet, they can have the side without the frosting.
Now here's the big mistake I made......Don't bake items 7 hours before they're needed. These brownies turned to almost stone-like material by the time I brought them to the potluck. I will say, these brownies were really good, but I had to microwave each piece for a few seconds to re-soften the brownies. I only wish I grabbed a piece of the brownie fresh from the oven. I should've cut the brownie into pieces and grabbed one piece for myself. No one would've noticed anyways.
The moral of my story is......brownie mix is damn good even before it goes in the oven.


  1. very good first blog. you may be invited back to guest post again.

  2. i agree. also very considerate man - "I knew there would be girls at the potluck, so I was thinking for the people on a diet, they can have the side without the frosting."



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