Tuesday, December 21

Ray's Sushi and Giveaway Winner

Thank you for everyone who participated in the Wendy's Giftcard Giveaway. I listed all entries on Excel in the order they were received and using a random number generator at Random.org, generated a number that correlated to the winner. Congratulations samebrightsky who is actually the owner of the Rainy Days and Lattes blog. I will be contacting you shortly. Congrats again!

Now, on to the next holiday entry.

Normally I don't review family dinners when we eat out but I'm posting this entry for the raw ebi which was a first for me. We had a family dinner with Phil's side at Ray's Sushi in Hayward and although there was quite a spread and I thought I was taking alot of pictures, the results show that I failed. Prices unknown.

 49er roll. Avocado, cucumber, and roe on the inside, topped with salmon and lemon. I liked this but I can't eat too much of the same flavor so I had about 3 pieces.

Blurry chicken karage. I didn't have any but this is one of Phil's favorites and he always orders it.

California roll. Another of Phil's favorites. Can't say much about these, they're pretty standard to me.

Medium sashimi platter. I only recognize salmon, tuna, hamachi in the back

Ebi (raw shrimp) on the left, what we think is snapper in the middle and other fish we don't know.

Now we get to the meat of this entry literally, the raw ebi on top, pictured with a hamachi slice on bottom. I've never had raw shrimp before and had no clue they were edible but once you've had chocolate covered crickets, you're pretty much down for anything. My first bite of the tail was really sweet and delicious but as I progressed through the rest of the body, the slimy texture started to become difficult to swallow and then it was kind of a struggle. I found the contents of the head to be too seafoodie for me but Phil loved it and took over that part. So after finishing one between the two of us, I moved on to other foods and entirely forgot my difficulties from the first shrimp and took another one. Again, first bite was good, the rest was a struggle, and Phil ate the head. Story of my life. Girl never remembers lesson and is doomed to repeat eating the same foods. But otherwise, that first bite of the tail was super good. If they could just make me a plate of all shrimp tails, I'd enjoy that very much. And Phil could have a plate of shrimp heads. So let's cross this off the things to eat list, raw shrimp, CHECK!


  1. All that sushi looks DELICIOUS! :) I am really craving for some Takoyaki! :D Do you like octopus? I was watching a bunch of Youtube videos (Cooking with Dog) and became obsessed with Japanese cooking :p

    Anyway, i can't believe I won the Wendy's giveaway! :p Thanks so much!! :)



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