Sunday, December 19

DishDash Mediterranean - Sunnyvale

Every year, for the holidays, I kick back with the ladies with a nice fancy splurge dinner to celebrate good times and catch up. Last year, we went for New Orleans food at Roux in Santana Row. This year, KT made a great recommendation to try Mediterranean food at DishDash in Sunnyvale. Not to mention, we were served by the nicest waitress in the industry!

Much like Red Fez in Boston, DishDash gave us pita bread with olive oil and spices. I love this stuff. I think Red Fez has a better sauce because its a bit sweeter but DishDash eventually won me over when I decided to put more spices into each bite and it made all the difference.

($20.95) Mashwi. Prawns and sea bass marinated in lemon-cumin sauce. We agreed this was the best dish of the night. The sea bass was perfectly done. The green lemon-cumin sauce was so delicious. I ended up putting this on top of everything: the bread, the lamb, the prawns, the rice, everything!

($16.75) Shakshuka. Prawns served in a thick sauce of eggplant, onion, peppers, tomato and garlic seasoned with mild curry and dry lime, served with rice (description from the menu.) This was not bad by any means but I had high hopes for it and the Mashwi stole the show. It was still good but I don't recall seeing any eggplant or tasting any curry so it must have been very subtle. I ranked this third out of the three.

($17.95) Bamieh. Lamb shank cooked in okra and a thick tomato sauce. When this first came out, it reminded me of the lamb tagine at Morocco's but it was much different. The lamb itself was just ok because usually I'm sensitive to the gameyness of lamb and this was quite gamey. The meat was tender and fell off the bone which is really nice. The other girls really liked this lamb. This sauce is really good, especially for dipping bread and the tiny little okra is SO CUTE!

All drinks are $9. Top left: forgot the name but it contains rum and was pretty strong. Top right: Voluptuous cocktail with strawberries and beaten egg whites for the frothy foam. mm tastes like strawberry and spices. Bottom center: Kyar with cucumber and lime. This was my drink and it is one of the most popular ones here so I ordered it but the taste was too sour so I switched KT for the Voluptuous. 

Happy early holidays. So far I am enjoying my time off from school and looking forward to Christmas. Hope you all have a great one and remember to enter the giveaway. Winner will be announced on Tuesday Dec 21. 

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