Friday, November 26

My French Toast

According to Phil, I missed out on my childhood because I've never had French toast. That is, French toast made properly. I've had my own version of French toast though. In high school, I wanted to try making French toast and someone told me it's bread soaked in milk and eggs and then fried. So that's what I did. EXACTLY that and only that. And that's the kind of French toast I've been having. Now that I'm older and a wiser cook I tried making a better French toast (minus the cinnamon and substitute flour with tapioca starch).

Eyeballed some milk, tapioca starch, one egg, one drop of vanilla, spoonful of sugar into a bowl. I didn't have regular flour so I substituted with tapioca starch. Mixed with the new ball whisk from the Foodbuzz goodie bag. I think a regular whisk is better for this. Maybe the ball whisk would do better for larger quantities but mine was a small portion. Soak the bread slice and fry on a lightly oiled pan until golden.

Ok so this is one of those entries to show you what NOT to do.While the toasts turned out ok but a little plain, this is hardly what real French toast should be. So here's what I learned:

  1. use flour
  2. use thicker slices of bread
  3. add more sugar
  4. add cinnamon
  5. use butter on the pan, not oil
  6. know what a proper French toast should taste like before making one.
My French toast was good enough for me because it's the kind I've always made, but now that I'm cooking for someone with standards (Phil), I should probably learn to make the real deal. French toast will be revisited next time.


  1. We seriously need you taste some french toast. That's like a chef cooking a chicken dish without knowing what chicken tasting like.

  2. You've never really had french toast before! Looks like a great first attempt. I haven't tried the whisk yet, I'll have to give it a try! Hope you had a nice Thanksgiving!

  3. I thought the presentation looked really awesome though. =P I always burn my french toast...and they always end up tasting too eggy, because I didn't add milk or flour..... Now I know. Hehehehe.

  4. @ TP, OMG, maybe its just how Vietnamese ppl have been making french toast that's all wrong. Ours is really just an omelette stuck on a piece of bread.



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